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Custom maps come in many sizes and levels of detail. Therefore there is no fixed price list. Please send us an email via the link below, providing as many details as possible, and we will work out an individual quote for your specific requirements. The simplest and lowest cost solution is the customization of one of the existing area maps, showing and highlighting your premises in that map. A “how to get to” graphic can be included (for instance, which bus routes to take from the nearest station), as well as other graphics, as required, including Flash animations and links to Google Street View. Other maps can be created to order, usually of a size that will include the Underground or Rail Stations nearest to the featured premises. Prices also vary with the type of graphic display, whether the streets are shown as a single line or have outlines, the level of detail, whether all side streets are shown, or only more prominent roads, whether all roads are named, or only main roads, and whether items like schools, libraries, post offices, superstores, etc. are shown. As we specialise in transport maps, all maps usually include all public transport connections in the chosen area, including all bus routes with bus stops and time tables, as well as all railway stations, car parks and cycle routes, if available. Your custom map can be hosted from our server, without a link from this website, or you can shoose to have it placed on your web server. The available file formats are HTML or PDF. HTML will allow for pop-up content and animated graphics, but will not stay sharp when enlarged, thus is not suitable for the display of larger areas with lots of small detail. PDF can be enlarged to any size without loss of quality, but does not support dynamic content. Both formats allow for links to other web pages.
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